Boss Key Production's upcoming team-based first-person shooter, "LawBreakers," has been announced to be coming as a physical retail product, which players can now pre-order. The packages will include a special collector's edition and a standard edition, both of which will be released for the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC in August.

Special edition

Players who want to get additional merchandise from purchasing the game will be getting a slew of physical items with the upcoming game's Special Editions. The $70 collector's edition will include two character card packs; one from each faction, Abaddon's journal, Deadzo stickers, a postcard, an exclusive sticker set, and a specially designed box.

The only main difference between the PC and the PlayStation 4 box set is that the PC version will be coming with a digital deluxe Steam code, while the PlayStation 4 version will come with a physical copy of the game.

Limited pre-orders for PS4

The game's developer has partnered with Limit Run Games for the release of the physical box sets for the upcoming game. Pre-orders for the PC version collector's edition is currently available on the company's website. Pre-orders will officially close on July 7.

There is currently no limit on how many pre-orders there will be for the PC version as the company has promised to produce as many as they can to meet the demand. As for the PlayStation 4 version, Limited Run Games has announced that they will only be producing 2,500 sets for the collector's edition and 5,000 sets for the physical copy of the game itself.

Similar but different

"LawBreakers," previously code-name BlueStreak, is a standard competitive online shooter that looks quite similar to Blizzard's "Overwatch." However, the game differentiates itself by mostly focusing on the player's skill and targeting prowess as opposed to the use of abilities such as turrets, auto aiming weapons, and ultimate moves.

The upcoming game also features varying degrees of gravity around certain maps, which completely changes the gameplay experience of its players. There are two factions within the game and a total of nine different classes.

The open beta for the game is currently being held and will include two maps. The beta officially ends on July 5, which means that players will only have until then to try out the game on Steam. "LawBreakers" is scheduled to be released worldwide on Aug. 8 for the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.