One of the hardest levels of the original game from Naughty Dog is now a free DLC for "Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy." The Stormy Ascent stage was not released in the original game because the game developer thought at that time that the level is too hard for players. There are other announcements that were revealed today by Vicarious Visions about the latest remake compilations.

The Stormy Ascent

During the Comic-Con 2017: "Then and Now" panel in San Diego, Vicarious Visions announced that the Stormy Ascent can be downloaded by players starting July 20 until August 19 for free.

After the gratis period, the downloadable content will cost $3. Deemed as the hardest level in the game, it involves long distance jumps, slimy steps, and a sea of enemies who all want to kill the life of Crash.

During the panel, Taylor Kurosaki, one of the members of the team behind the original game was present. Interestingly, Kurosaki was the one behind the layout and the design of the stage. He also shed light as to why the level is difficult to beat. Kurosaki also explained why the level was not included in the original game.

According to Kurosaki, he was fresh to the world of games and gaming design that he was not aware of the difficulty curve. He said that he knew precisely the capabilities of the main character of the game like how far can he jump or how late a take-off could be pulled by a player.

According to him, the Stormy Ascent is one of the last stages that he finished the production.

It was during their preparation to send the Gold Master for manufacturing to Sony that they decided to drop the level. Kurosaki said that while the stage is playable, it was very tough and they ran out of time making it easier at that time.

He further revealed that the stage is just in the original game hidden and they decided to just leave it there instead of running the risk of removing it. The latest Stormy Ascent DLC is anticipated to give more frustrations compared to all other stages of "Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy." Game Director Dan Tanguay said that the level was played by one of the game's best players and has cost him 60 lives to pass it.

Other announcements

Aside from the new DLC, Activision also announced new items coming to the game. This includes a fresh emoji app, a hardcover book from Dark Horse comics, and a Loot Crate to name a few.

We will give you more updates about your favorite game, "Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy" as soon as information becomes available. Meanwhile, you can check out the Stormy Ascent in the video below.