Insomniac Games’ PlayStation 4 (PS4) exclusive, Spider Man is undoubtedly one of the most highly anticipated gaming titles. A lot of details about the much-awaited game were recently revealed at the San Diego Comic Con.

Game details revealed

Bryan Intihar, creative director at Insomniac Games, took the stage to announce some details about the game characters. It was revealed that the primary antagonist of the “Spider Man” game would be Martin Li aka Mister Negative. Notably, he is not going to be the sole antagonist on the block as Norman Osborn, who is serving as New York City mayor will be incredibly dangerous too.

May Parker and Miles Morales are some of the other characters that will appear in the game. While Parker will have a more active role in the game, Morales’ role is not exactly clear at this point of time. He will be spotted alongside his friend Ganke Lee at certain points in the game. The upcoming PS4 exclusive “Spider Man” game is reportedly inspired by the comic book series, the Ultimate Spider-Man. The developers also teased a battle between Spider-Man and Mister Negative on a subway.

Game to feature a whole new story

Some artworks and behind-the-scenes footage of the game were also shown at Disney's D23 Expo. The developers have assured fans that the "Spider-Man" PS4 game will feature an open-world gameplay, an entirely new story and a new universe.

As per the video, Peter is already 23 years old in the game. He is already "an athlete in his prime" who is pretty much comfortable using his powers. The game developers also talked about how they managed to merge the Peter Parker’s world and his alter ego.

The open-world gameplay will enable players to interact with the environment around them and battle their enemies.

The gaming studio also reiterated that they had improved the game’s gameplay to a great extent since the time the video was revealed at the E3 event. It is now much easier to web swing. They have also evolved the combat. The artworks show Spider-Man battling Mr. Negative and Wilson Fisk who is also known as Kingpin. One of the artworks shows Parker's messy and cluttered bedroom while another shows destruction in Manhattan.

As far as "Spider Man" for a PS4 release date is concerned, the only that is confirmed at this moment in time is that the game will get released sometime in 2018. The release date remains unannounced.

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