Due to the love and support from the fan Base, game developer Techland will be releasing new DLC for their video game “Dying Light, ” and it will all be Free.

New video celebrating another year of freebies

The game developers recently revealed a new video, which can be viewed below, that showcased the amount of love they have received from the fans that stayed with their popular zombie game. Even though the game was released way back Jan. 2015, the fan base is still strong, and they revealed that the player base has an average of 500,000 players per week.

During its peak seasons, the player base would go up to 700,000, and one such rise was recorded in Sept. 2015.

Game producer Tymon Smektala thanked all of the fans that stayed and supported them for two years already, and they wanted to give back something to them as a reward. Players will be expecting ten new free DLC in the future for this year of support from the game company. These contents will include some new enemies, events happening in-game, unique missions with great rewards, and other things to do in the game.

DLC #0 coming soon

Smektala did not provide more information about the upcoming ten free DLCs for “Dying Light,” but he teased that these items will be coming soon and he promised that everyone would enjoy these items.

They also revealed that a new DLC called DLC #0 would be released soon and it will include new enemies with weapons that will definitely give players a challenge.

These new enemies from DLC #0 looked like men with ski masks and armed to the teeth with heavy machine guns and rifles. This will become a hard battle to fight with so much fire power from these enemies running around the areas of zombie infested Harran.

Fans suggest new contents for game

In other related news, some fans have recently posted some ideas on the official forums of the video game on what the next contents should be like. One fan suggested that the Tower should have a customization feature, which should add more areas to the headquarters of the survivors and have new rooms that have different services like managing food and water resources, make more weapons, and much more.

They would gain more of these rooms by rescuing survivors from zombies, and they would have their roles in the Tower.

Some fans liked the idea since it would add more fun to “Dying Light” and players would gain more advantage against hordes of the undead. Another fan suggested that the big buildings that they climb around the parts of the city would have new floors to explore or some homes to visit where zombies would swarm it.

Check out the “Dying Light” 10 DLCs In 12 Months video below: