Fighting video game fans will receive a new DLC that will add four exciting features in Street Fighter 5.” These slew of new contents will be available in the game starting today, July 25.

Sports-inspired outfits

Capcom has just announced additional costumes that will be available in “Street Fighter 5.” This new costume set is sports-related outfits for characters Ibuki, Laura, and Rashid.

Ibuki is getting a volleyball uniform while for Laura and Rashid are soccer jerseys and shorts. Players can purchase these new sports outfits for $4 a piece, which is the usual price for the game’s DLC costumes.

Retro costumes

Apart from the newly announced sports outfits, gamers can get a nostalgic feel with the addition of retro costumes for characters Alex, Ibuki, and Juri. This particular set is reminiscent of the previously released games in the franchise.

All these three characters can go retro and don their classic looks from the “Street Fighter 3” and “Street Fighter 4,” respectively. Alex gets to have longer hair then and wears green pants. Ibuki appears more rugged compared to her normal image and Juri gets her look back from “Street Fighter 4.”

Suzaku Castle

Capcom is also offering another DLC stage, the Suzaku Castle. This stage was first featured in “Street Fighter 2” and hardcore fan of the series know too well that the Suzaku Castle is Ryu's home level.

In a blog post, Capcom described this stage as "Ryu's temple roof stage" where the purest of warriors battled for arcade supremacy back in 1991.

New DLC character

Another new character is on his way to the current game along with the retro and sports costumes as well as the Suzaku Castlage stage today, July 25. The biggest man in Metro City, Abigail, will be added to join the brawl after Akuma, Kolin, and Ed were released in the game.

The fourth downloadable character is still part of the $30 season pass. Those who own a season pass will be getting one more fighter coming as the final addition to the roster via DLC. Capcom has yet to announce who the last fighter will be that is expected to arrive in the game soon.

“Street Fighter 5” is a fighting video title developed by Dimps and Capcom as the sixth main title in the game series.

It was launched back in March 2016 as an exclusive title to the Sony PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Linux. It sold more than 1.3 copies worldwide and has been acclaimed as the 6th best-selling video game on PS4.

Watch Abigail reveal trailer below.