Horizon Zero Dawn” may not have had the strongest launch in history, but it sure did climb its way to the top. Players were gradually captured by the beauty of Aloy and her journey to fight mechanized monsters. There is really something in this game that no other titles could offer.

As reported by DualShockers, “Horizon Zero Dawn” has once again added a new award to its growing accolades. It seems the more players play this game, the more the game reaches new milestones. Indeed, this is exactly what the title just experienced.

Best original Score

The game just won the Best Original Score award at the 12th annual Jerry Goldsmith Awards. This time around, it is recognized for its soundtrack, and this is just fresh from snatching the Best Original Game at the recently concluded Game Critics Awards. Developer Guerilla Games and publisher Sony are more than likely 'jumping for joy' right now.

The best original score award recognizes the work of “Horizon Zero Dawn’s” composers - The Flight, Joris de Man, Niels van der Leest, Lucas van Tol and Jonathan Williams. This is certainly a great moment for these music lovers. The Jerry Goldsmith Awards, in particular, applauds the work of musicians on any platforms such as films, televisions, advertising and video games, among others.

This is especially intended for those who have yet to acquire recognition in the past. As expected, Guerilla Games tweeted about the new milestone they reached.

The future of the game

Horizon Zero Dawn” is definitely riding on its success which meansSony will make a franchise out it.

This actually means that more follow-ups, spin-offs, and more can be expected for the game. More importantly, players will get to see more of Aloy and the mechanized monsters. Sony pointed out that with the game entering a franchise phase, players can expect more content and/or expansions in the long run.

Sony applauded Guerilla Games for a job well done.

The company stated that if not for the efforts of the studio, none of these good things would have happened. Clearly, the title is among the most popular games in the industry now. With the impending release of “The Frozen Wilds” DLC, the game’s first content, this popularity will even grow bigger. The studio has yet to release more details about the upcoming content, but it is expected to arrive later on this year. This is definitely something that players look forward to.