One of the things that developer Bungie has been proud of are the new weapons in “Destiny 2”. They are reportedly unique and, more importantly, better than the ones in the original game. So far, they have shown great potentials in the game’s beta phase.

Interestingly, the studio is giving “Destiny 2” fans a chance to acquire one of the exotic weapons in the game. But of course, it will not be that easy. Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

What do players need to obtain the exotic weapon?

According to Eurogamer, the trick here is pretty simple: pre-order the game.

Yes, that is right – one of the prized exotic weapons in the sequel is a timed pre-order exclusive. Players just simply need to do this and they will automatically own the Coldheart exotic trace rifle. It will automatically unlock as soon as the sequel arrives in September. But since it is a timed pre-order exclusive, there is a deadline. The studio has yet to reveal the date, though.

For “Destiny 2” fans who would rather wait for the official launch, they will have to wait until December 5th to acquire the aforementioned weapon. It is worth noting that in the sequel, exotic weapons are the most coveted of all items (specifically in the Guardian’s arsenal). In the past, most of these exotic weapons were timed exclusives and were meant only for PlayStation 3 and 4.

This is the first time that Bungie opens timed-exclusive item for pre-orders.

What Coldheart offers to the wielder?

In its most organic form, the “Destiny 2” weapon is among the arc weapons in the franchise. It sits on the secondary slot of players. The trace rifle is a brand new weapon type, making Coldheart a more coveted item in the follow-up game.

On Twitter, the game’s senior gameplay designer Jon Weisnewski described the weapon as something that is “great for single target DPS (damage per second).” It also does arc damage, but more massive than in its counter parts.

Meanwhile, "Destiny 2” will arrive with a stat-tracking Ghost. The latter will be able to provide players with a display feature for PVP and PVE kill counts.

Bungie promises to deliver more of these coveted items in the future, though they remained a mystery for now. The upcoming title is slated to hit the shelves come September 6th for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PC owners, on the other hand, will have to wait a little bit more. The title is expected to arrive to their platform come October 24th.