The highly acclaimed racing video game developer Codemasters has released the latest gameplay for its next racing video game masterpiece, “F1 2017.” It is due to for release this August on current-gen consoles Xbox One and PS4 as well as Windows PC.

Avid Formula One racing fans get a delightful treat in the latest gameplay video by seeing the Red Bull Racing Belgian-Dutch race driver Max Verstappen to actually play the game in the Hall of Fame from RB Racing headquarters in Milton Keynes, UK.

Great game

In-game, Verstappen got behind the wheels of the latest 2017 Red Bull Racing RB13 and the classic 2010 Red Bull Racing RB6 on the new shortened track variant called Silverstone Short.

This was done right in time for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone this weekend.

The Silverstone Short variant is among the four shortened circuits featured in the latest iteration of the F1 game series. The game now has a total of 20 official 2017 F1 tracks.

The Red Bull Racing driver has a lot of good things to say after his personal take on the game. He said that he likes it and enjoyed driving the new cars that feel more realistic and lifelike, thanks to its greatly improved graphics.

He went to add that he admired the detail on the classic F1 cars and topped it off by saying that it is a great game and a lot of fun to play.

New features

Creative director Lee Mathers also talked about the new content and never-before-seen features to expect when it launches next month.

During his lengthy interview in Square Enix Presents, he revealed that the new title is first in making it possible for gamers to create and race as a female driver.

In addition, just like the Silverstone Short, there are several other short track variants to race on and to mention a few are Bahrain and Austin, including the official F1 circuits.

The career mode in the game has been revamped, this time, requiring more need for team management from the players. There will also be the addition of challenges featuring the classic F1 cars.

The pre-order of the game will entitle players to get and drive the McLaren MP4/4 using the clutch and H-shifter, the same with the real-life car.

It is impressive to know, however, that “F1 2017” is Xbox One X ready and running in 4K at 60fps. Microsoft's most powerful console ever is expected to be available in the market later this year.

"F1 2017" release date is officially set for Aug 25, 2017, and it will be launched on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC platforms.

Watch the latest gameplay trailer below.