Square Enix followers have just recently received some updates about two of their most highly-anticipated RPGs. First, fans of Cloud and the gang are unfortunately going to experience a drought of “Final Fantasy 7 Remake” news. The reason for the incoming lack of updates is apparently caused by the studios initiative to move all development in-house. Second, Tetsuya Nomura is currently delegating more of his attention to “Kingdom Hearts 3” due to its fast-approaching launch next year. Despite the formerly stated reason, it seems that gamers who are excited about the Disney cross-over RPG have something to be excited about.

Tutorial guide for new players

According to some very recent news, information about the game’s tutorial mode has been shared by Tetsuya Nomura. In an interview with Dengeki, a Japanese media outlet, Nomura confirmed that the RPG sequel will open with Sora and company in Twilight Town. It was initially speculated that “Kingdom Hearts 3” will either begin in Olympus or the nostalgic Traverse Town. Furthermore, the game director also gave more details about their starting point choice and its purpose related to progression.

The tale of two towns

Long-time “Kingdom Hearts” fans will recognize the aforementioned areas. The first game introduced players to Traverse Town as their tutorial stage. “Kingdom Hearts 2” on the other hand, showcased a new starting world with Twilight Town.

Players suspect that Square Enix’s decision to go with the latter location is relevant to the franchise’s current plot’s progress. Moreover, the area features a lot of integral characters that reside within or close by.

Home of the gods

In the early stages of its development, promotional materials and media featured Mount Olympus excessively.

It led many gamers to assume that the world based on Disney’s Hercules would be the title’s opening location. Some images and videos seem to show Sora within a tutorial mode of some kind. The enemies encountered also give the impression that they belong to Greek mythology-inspired world. Since Tetsuya Nomura confirmed otherwise, the early marketing footage and screenshots could have been just a preview of the returning location.

However, rumors note that the plot will have the protagonist revisit the aforementioned world for something very important tied to the story.

Exploring new worlds

During his interview, Tetsuya Nomura also established that “Kingdom Hearts 3” will not have players visit other worlds multiple times, in relation to the plot. Therefore, it is assumed that Twilight Town will act as the hub world that connects to other places within the game. Square Enix is expected to share more information about the game soon as its launch draws closer. It is expected to come out for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime in 2018.