While Rockstar Games continues to keep details about the hotly-anticipated sequel to "GTA 5" under wraps, Rockstar North might have spilled the beans regarding the alleged new setting for "Grand Theft Auto 6."

'GTA 6' release date and rumor roundup

The internet is rife with all sorts of speculation, including the addition of VR (virtual reality) support and next-gen platforms. While Rockstar Games' lips are still sealed regarding the development of "GTA 6," just the thought of a new "Grand Theft Auto" game hitting store shelves in the near future is enough to excite the game's loyalists.

With "Red Dead Redemption 2" scheduled for a 2018 launch, there's word floating around that the next game in the "GTA" series will be the game developer's next focus. In fact, multiple sources suggest that it is already in the early stages.

Final location and other details

According to a new report on Blorge, Rockstar gave fans a brief glimpse of the next location for "GTA 6," indicating that the game will return to cities from previous titles of the game. This will let "GTA" fans go back and forth while visiting cities that they already explored in the previous versions of the game.

This exciting revelation came from Rockstar North Executive Leslie Benzies, who explained that as players delve into the next installment, they can move from one city to the next while revisiting their favorite locations.

However, the final location of the game is still undecided.

Several fans and game analysts believe that the title is not close to hitting store shelves, in fact, there's hearsay that the title is associated with a 2024 launch date, which is a considerable 10-year stretch from the time "Grand Theft Auto 5" was actually launched.

As expected, this shred of information stirred conversation among avid gamers who believe the sixth installment will probably arrive on next-gen platforms, for instance, Sony's PS5 that is rumored to make an appearance sometime in 2020. Aside from that, many claim it will be a virtual reality compatible version.

Meanwhile, multiple reports indicate that the next title could launch for other popular gaming consoles such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and eventually on PC.

While nothing is set in stone yet, fans are going berserk over the possibility of returning to the cities they explored in previous games, the feasibility of VR, and lots more. Moreover, if previously surfaced reports are anything to go by, we might see a female protagonist for the next iteration of Rockstar Games' hit action-adventure video game.