It's an announcement fan of Ubisoft's "For Honor" has long waited for, a Dedicated Server for the game. Prior to its release, players have warned the developer about the risks of not having one. Unfortunately for Ubi, it came later than sooner and the game has already listed issues that have something to do with connectivity and online issues. In a statement released by creator Roman Campos-Oriola, he said that such things were unpreventable and most of them remained unnoticed during testing.

However, he assured fans that the team continues to work hard in order to fix the problem.

Meanwhile, according to OAG, Ubisoft has a released its roadmap for "For Honor" and that includes the addition of a dedicated server. Aside from that, the latest update also carried a new training mode as well as brand new game features. Now that the issue of connectivity may soon be addressed, what are the other features added in the game?

See what's in store this coming month

CinemaBlend mentioned how two seasons will be added in "For Honor." There's one coming in August and the second season is expected to arrive in November. Interestingly, these new seasons will also provide players with new sets of materials for the scrimmage. For season pass holders, they will be able to take advantage of an early access to the two new heroes included in the game.

Dedicated server for "For Honor"

The biggest update, which is the dedicated serving according to Gamespot, will be the ultimate gift to fans. The server will provide a much-improved game stability as well as lessen the lagging in games. Director Damien Kriekan said they are doing these improvements because the team has apparently worked so much on the game to leave at that.

For so long now, they have worked to improve everything about the game and if working on a dedicated server is what makes it work better, they will do it.

Meanwhile, the director also revealed that these updates will not be the only once added to the game. As more players plan to join "For Honor" and invest their money and time playing, Ubisoft will continue to work on new updates.

But for the new players who just joined the game, the inclusion of the Training Mode will be highly appreciated.

Since its launching in February, "For Honor" developers have tried to fend off cheaters in the game who tend to leave in the middle of a match. Apparently, a recent PC update revealed a heavier penalty to players who abandon matches. A "10-minute matchmaking penalty" was implemented and is still applicable to this day.