The “final fantasy” franchise has always found a way to enchant players with their unique cast, amazing gameplay mechanics, and special scenes. Each title in the series is filled with corny puns, humor, intense drama, and character growth which mold quite well together to make a lasting impression on the player. While there are plenty of amazing scenes in the series, there are a few that stand out and help define their respective game. Let’s take a look at some of the most memorable scenes in “Final Fantasy” history. A word of warning that there are some spoilers ahead so read at your own discretion.

Yuna’s Sending

The tenth game in the series mainly tackled the theme of religion vs science with Yevon and the Al Bhed. In line with this, the game also tackled death and how people move on to the afterlife through Sending. It’s explained early in the game that the dead need “guidance” as their souls are filled with grief over their passing. If these souls linger in the real world, their grief manifests into hate and they become monsters who prey on the living. To avoid this, certain people called summoners perform a dance-like ceremony called the Sending to help the dead move on into the Farplane where they may rest in peace. “Final Fantasy X” heroine Yuna performs the Sending in Kilika which is beautifully portrayed in a stunning cutscene.

This is one of the most popular scenes in the series’ history and has even made the tenth game iconic.

Kefka destroys the world

While Sephiroth might be one of the most iconic villains in the series’ history, he never actually accomplished his goal. Kefka from “Final Fantasy VI,” on the other hand, managed to destroy the world and even rule as a god for a year or so.

During the middle half of the game, Kefka manages to usurp the power of the three gods in the game and transforms into a devilish-looking celestial being who tears the world apart. Moreover, he even splits the main cast apart and crushes their hopes of ever defeating him. The sixth game is iconic in the series for portraying raw emotion and proving that sometimes the villains actually do win.

In spite of this, Celes manages to gather everyone back together to take down the false god and restore peace to the land.

Squall and Rinoa’s dance scene

The eighth entry in the series is known for its romance as it pairs two completely opposite people. While there might have been a few qualms about their chemistry, Squall and Rinoa’s dance scene is one of the most iconic moments in their game. The scene perfectly captures their personality as a flirty and bubbly Rinoa forces a sulking Squall to dance with her. While the two start off clumsily, they soon show off their supreme dancing skills which ignites the sparks between them.