THQ Nordic has announced its biggest lineup ever at Gamescom 2017. However, its upcoming hack and slash RPG, “Darksiders 3,” will, unfortunately, skip the show.

Gamescom 2017 lineup

July is almost over, and gaming fans are now looking forward to big surprises at Gamescom 2017 - the highly attended gaming convention in Europe. Developer THQ Nordic is among the first to announce what looks to be its biggest lineup ever.

The Austria-based developer will be introducing two new games, a new IP plus the next installment in a popular mysterious and horrific game series.

It didn’t provide further details on these games, so fans will just have to find out more next month.

But it teased the fans a little that the new IP is an open-world RPG that will take place in a unique universe and is currently pitched as a Kung Fu fable.

Apart from the two new games, THQ Nordic has six more titles to unveil at this year’s Gamescom. These are “Battle Chasers: Nightwar,” “SpellForce 3,” “Aquanox: Deep Descent,” “Wrekest,” "Elex," and “The Guild 3.”

Fans can expect “Elex” to be playable while “Battle Chasers: Nightwar” will also be playable for the first time on Nintendo Switch. New content will be teased for “Wreckfest,” while “The Guild 3” will get some surprising news and a new gameplay footage.

Nordic will also offer a first look at the single-player campaign modes for “SpellForce 3” and “Aquanox: Deep Descent.”

Sadly enough, “Darksiders 3” will be absent at the show, and THQ Nordic did not explain why the 2018 title is skipping Gamescom 2017. The game also didn’t show up at E3 last June.

Things to expect

THQ Nordic executive producer Reinhard Pollice previously confirmed that the third game would be going back to its roots.

Fans of the series will have a more contained experience in the new game similar to the first game. It won't be an open-world RPG like "Darksiders 2."

Pollice added to reveal that the team has put a lot of efforts to create the world that will offer players a lifelike and natural nostalgic feel of returning to some places. Fans can expect this world as the star of the game and will focus on Fury, the third and the only woman of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.

"Darksiders 3" is slated to hit PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in 2018. The game developer is considering to provide 4K support for PS4 Pro and Microsoft's most powerful console ever, the Xbox One X, but it has yet to finalize this plan.