Representation has become a popular factor in pop culture and modern media nowadays, and the same can be said for Video Games. Plenty of characters have different cultural backgrounds, beliefs, appearances, and sexualities. However, none of these factors degrade any of these characters and help diversify a game instead. Case in point, there has been a growing amount of LGBT characters in video games who can also kick butt while still finding romance during their free time. With that being said, here are some of the most notable LGBT characters in video games.


This British soldier was once a part of the Overwatch strike team before it was disbanded several years ago. Fast forward to today and Tracer aka Lena Oxton heeded Winston’s call to head right back into action. Due to an accident when she was still doing a test flight for a specialized vehicle, Lena suffered from chronal disassociation wherein her molecules has been desynchronized from the flow of time. Winston eventually found a solution to keep her anchored in the present by building a chronal accelerator. With this, Tracer had the ability to speed through time or recall her previous actions in battle. Blizzard revealed in their Christmas comic that Tracer actually has a girlfriend named Emily and the two of them spent the holidays together with Winston.


This teenager from “The Last of Us” mainly had the storyline of providing some sort of cure to the pandemic of their world. The main plot follows her and the protagonist, Joel, on a trek across America to reach the Fireflies. While her sexuality isn’t explicitly stated there, a prequel entry to the game called “The Last of Us: Left Behind” tells the story of how she got bitten.

This arc follows Ellie and her friend, Reily, who try to spend as much time together before the latter joins the Fireflies. During the game, the two share a sweet kiss before both of them get bitten by the Infected after their little trip takes a horrible turn. The character will be starring as the protagonist in the upcoming sequel so maybe we’ll learn more about her possible romantic pursuits there.


You never explicitly meet Sam, your sister in “Gone Home,” but you learn all about her disputes and efforts by exploring your house in the game. Apparently, your little sister had trouble adjusting to her new school but managed to make a new friend named Yolanda aka Lonnie. The two bonded over similar interests and eventually developed romantic feelings for each other. Your parents, however, discovered the relationship and were in denial about Sam being a lesbian. Eventually, you discover that Sam ditched her family to see Lonnie and hopes to start a new life together with her outside of Oregon.