The Magitek Exosuits of “Final Fantasy XV” is finally arriving in the game this month after hitting a bump. This set of suits was first slated to be released as early as February 2017. These were launched during the game’s 30th Anniversary event hosted by Square Enix.

Magitek Exosuits

When these suits were first introduced to players, there were several who pointed out the uncanny resemblance of the suits to that of the “Power Rangers.” The Magitek Exosuits will grant invincibility to Prince Noctis, Ignis, Prompto, and Gladiolus. The effect would, however, only last for 30 minutes.

When the specified period lapses, players will have to wait for 24 hours for the suit’s magic to take effect again.

Originally, the suits have a variety of colors available such as Yellow, Black, Blue, and Red. Square Enix has not yet released the all new redesigned suits that will be released in July 2017. The announcement was officially made on Twitter through the game's official account.

Cause of delay

The “Final Fantasy XV” Magitek Exosuits were not released as scheduled because the copyright holders of the flop movie, “Power Rangers” filed a complaint.

According to them, the suits are too similar to that of the mighty morphing fighters. Square Enix was forced to issue a full redesign for the said suits. The game developer has not yet revealed the exact release date of the free update or what are the other inclusions aside from the delayed suits.

Meanwhile, Square Enix is currently working on another new DLC for the action RPG title.

So far, two downloadable contents have been released. The game developer recently released Episode Ignis and Episode Prompt. The next downloadable content is expected to be released in December 2017. Fans are also expecting major announcements about the game in the upcoming Gamescom 2017.

A new Empire

Last month, fans witnessed the launch of the game’s mobile spinoff dubbed as ”FFXV: A New Empire.” The game is released for Android and IOS.

It was made and developed by the studio that produced “Game of War,” and “Mobile Strike.” With a new name, MZ, formerly known as the Machine Zone said that the spinoff is unique from other titles because of its social focus. The game takes place in the advanced world of EOS. The same characters that gamers love in the traditional RPG title star the mobile spinoff.

Final Fantasy XV” is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We will give you more updates about the Magitek Exosuits and its new design as soon as we get official information.