Square Enix has recently released #update 4.01 for “#final fantasy xiv: stormblood.” It includes a new raid for players to try out.

New Update Launched For All Platforms

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood” will be getting a new update, which will be launched on all platforms and it will have a lightweight size of 217.42 MB when viewed on the PC. Players will be able to try out the big quest called "The Hunt for Omega," which needs them to ask Wedge in Rhalgr’s reach. The "Omega: Deltascape" raid will be opened, which is also the first raid for the expansion, and it will contain four levels of Deltascape versions to go through.

Rewards Given For Each Level Clearing

Tokens will be awarded to players who finish the raid in each of its levels and it can be used later in the previous location. They can use them with Gelfradus, who can be found in Rhalgr’s Reach, and they can unlock the next level of their gear development with his help. Through the duty finder feature, they will need their item level requirements to be at least level 295.

Other Update Details Revealed

Update 4.01 of “Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood” will only have the normal mode of "Omega Deltascape" for now. On a later date, the savage mode will be available for hardcore raiders to try out.

The popular MMORPG also got some new contents with the latest update like a new mount to ride on, some new gear, and new minions for players lug around with some changes to the jobs to make it more interesting.

For example, the Bard’s Trobadour ability can now affect the bards themselves rather than just the other party members, which many players complained in the past. The basic enmity generation actions have also been upgraded with the new update since they were complaining about the decreased aggro generation after the expansion’s launching.

Update 4.05 Content Already Scheduled

The last E3 2017 conference revealed the schedule for what was to come for "Final Fantasy XIV" with its launching of the "Stormblood" expansion, and one of those was the content for update 4.05. Square Enix will implement new content like the savage mode for players, which will immensely help them in the coming features of the expansion.

They will also enjoy other new content as well.

The game company revealed that there will be a new looting system implemented when update 4.05 will be launched. This new system will guarantee that at least one person in the party will get a weapon that will be appropriate for their jobs. There will other features as well aside from The Bend of Time - OMEGA like The Lost Canals of Uznair and Allagan Tomestones of Creation.

Check out the "Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood" Launch Trailer here: