Overwatch” is known for its diversity towards both its characters and locations as many places and cultures are represented within the game. There are plenty of heroes who have their own personal backgrounds and come from certain places around the globe. Similarly, even popular maps like Dorado, Eichenwald and Oasis are based on real-world locations.

In line with this, Blizzard continues to update their game with more features and content. They will continue expanding their map list with similar locations that can more or less be found here on Earth.

While there are plenty of places that could be used as inspiration, here are my top three real world locations that should be included as maps in “Overwatch.”

1. Swiss Alps

The Alps are an impressive mountain range that covers most of Europe, especially Switzerland and Liechtenstein. While it also covers other regions in Europe, Switzerland’s land mass is comprised mostly of the mountain range, hence its name as the Swiss Alps. Because of this, the said location is one of the most mountainous European countries. As for “Overwatch” lore, Mercy was raised in Switzerland before joining the iconic task force. The Alps could have some form of a medical base that was used in the past but has not been maintained over the past few years.

That said base could be the basis for a map in the Swiss Alps which could be similar to Watchpoint Gibraltar.

2. Coliseum

This massive stone amphitheater was created back around A.D. 70-72 in Rome, Italy. Emperor Vespasian commissioned the Coliseum as a gift to the Roman people which saw plenty of gladiatorial combats and wild animal fights.

Sadly, the structure was then neglected after four centuries of active use and eventually became a source of building materials. Even so, the location is still a popular tourist destination and stands as an icon for Rome and his history. While the building may not be enough as a full-sized map, it can still be used for Elimination or 1-1 maps in “Overwatch

3. Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is a barrier fortification found in China which runs from a whopping 13,171 miles from the Jiayuguan Pass all the way to the Huashan Mountains.

This barrier was made to prevent any invasions from the barbarian nomads in the past and is now one of the more popular tourist spots in the country. While “Overwatch” already has the Lijiang Tower, adding a different type of map from China would still be a good idea. While the Tower is a capture point, The Great Wall could instead be some sort of payload map.