One of the highly criticized games announced this year is “far cry 5.” The upcoming first-person shooter action-adventure game from Ubisoft has been tagged as too much by critics when it previously presented western extremist group. While more details about the game were revealed, many discovered that there is a problem with the game’s Coop Mission.

Coop Mission progress issue

Unlike other games, the Coop Missions in “Far Cry 5” will not share the progress of the mission with the other player. In other coop games, two players can help each other complete missions and share the mission progress.

This is not the case, however, with Ubisoft’s controversial game. The first-person shooter game will only allow Player one to get the progress while Player two will not get anything and will have to start the game where he took off.

In previous game installments, the coop was only exclusive for non-critical side missions. Gamers were ecstatic when earlier news surfaced that the next game installment would allow the whole story of the game to be played by two players. Moreover, the split-screen coop was replaced by online play. This process entails two internet connections and two consoles.

The sad news is that as explained earlier, only one of the two players gets to advance in the game through the coop.

The inability to share the progress together in a way defeats the concept of coop missions.

Aside from the issue with mission progress, it was also revealed recently that the upcoming game would not have mini-maps and towers. Tower-climbing as a way to mark objectives and maps are allegedly dropped also. These mini-maps are also reportedly ditched by “Assassin’s Creed.” These reports only show that Ubisoft is now using the same UI for its titles.

Other details

The game was announced during Ubisoft’s E3 2017 event in the early part of June 2017. The game is the first let players pet a dog and use it to mark enemies along with weapons and other forms of combat assistance features.

Ubisoft’s next game installment, ”Far Cry 5” is scheduled to release in the early part of 2018.

The game will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC platforms. Moreover, it will support the recently revealed Beast console from Microsoft dubbed as the Xbox One X. The game is now accepting pre-orders.

Meanwhile, you can check out the gameplay trailer released by Ubisoft during the E3 2017 event. We will keep you posted about the latest games updates as soon as information becomes available.