Game publisher Bethesda has recently announced that “Doom” has launched Update 6.66 and it will unlock all DLCs, free weekends, and much more.

New Update now implemented

To celebrate a year after the popular first-person shooter’s launching to the world, the game publisher has decided to release update 6.66 that will fix a lot of bugs and make improvements in it. The most notable change of this update is that all DLCs in multiplayer have been unlocked and it will be available for everyone. This makes its season pass useless now and all players will now be able to enjoy all of the DLC contents that were exclusive to those who could afford it during launch.

All DLC content details revealed

The season pass allowed different types of multiplayer content that made it more advantageous to the pass owners. Three multiplayer DLC packs were unlocked and those included three additional guns for players to try out, nine of the best maps for the game, some new equipment, armor sets, and much more. It also allowed some of the best modes and features like the bot support, which was one of the favorites of the fans.

Play the game for free on weekends

Aside from unlocking all multiplayer DLCs, Bethesda also revealed that players could try out “DOOM” for free on specific dates. This will start on July 20 for the Xbox One and the PC, while the PlayStation 4 console owners will get to try the game out for free on July 27.

Players can try out the first two levels of the campaign and the arcade mode in higher difficulty, and they will have unlimited access to the multiplayer and SnapMap modes. Those who are interested in buying the game will get all of their progress transferred to the full version.

Revised multiplayer progression system

There will be no more random unlock system for this new update because it has been revised and improved for the multiplayer.

Players will get to unlock items through specific leveling requirements and through some challenges. The publishers think that all of the players, old and new, will like this new system and will not have any long term problems.

The old players will not have to panic if they see that their levels have been reset to zero because that was on purpose.

They have to option to try out the new progression system in a new start, but they can also retain all of their guns, customization unlocks, demons, and more. All of those players will also get a special badge that will recognize them as those who have experienced the game in the previous system.

New price

With the celebration of one year in “Doom 2016,” the game publisher has lowered its prices. They are now offering it for a low price of $14.99 only, which comes with all of the DLCs unlocked.

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