The arrival of the Ragnarok Mod for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players of “Ark: Survival Evolved” has a new Release Date. However, the new date means more waiting time for the fans of the survival game.

New release date

Aside from the patch that Studio Wildcard rolls out for the game every now and then, fans are waiting for the arrival of the Ragnarok Mod. The release of the mod has been hindered by several technical issues. These issues spiked on the Xbox One version of “Ark: Survival Evolved.” Aside from that, the studio has several issues with the preparations for the title’s physical release.

This, in a way, has shifted the team’s focus away from new patches.

Just recently, the game developer announced that the physical version of the game is now complete. It has also confirmed a new release date for the Ragnarok. According to Studio Wildcard, the highly anticipated mod will be launched on the day the base game officially released in stores. In other words, players will have to wait until August 8 to be able to experience the highly-rated mod.

Other details

According to Studio Wildcard, the people behind the game have spent talking about the best possible release date for the map. They have considered the technical reasons for the launch. The studio noted the frustrations among fans for having to wait longer for the map.

However, they believe the release date that they have set is the best time for the map to arrive on the consoles.

The studio also cited several advantages for the longer release date. Among this includes the chance for the independent developer of the Ragnarok map to get the latest version of the Dev Kit. With this, they can add the latest changes rolled out by Studio Wildcard to the game.

Significantly, it will have an interesting effect on the overall console experience in terms of stability, performance, and visual reliability.

Moreover, the game developer also pointed out that the longer ETA of the Ragnarok will give time for their technical team to focus on other game aspects. Among them includes crash exploits, duping, DDoS, as well as server stability.

The extra time can also enable them to improve the game for a smoother experience upon the launch of the map.

The PC version of the Ragnarok has already been released and has received positive feedback on Steam. “Ark: Survival Evolved” is scheduled to release on August 8, 2017. It will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.