The latest development update from Square Enix reveals that the development of Final Fantasy 7 Remake" is definitely making smooth progress each step of the way toward its release within the next few years.

Game Producer Yoshinori Kitase himself has teased exciting details surrounding the making of “Final Fantasy 7 Remake" in his latest interview with Japanese website MyNavi Creator. Kitase revealed interesting updates about the development team’s efforts to deliver a game that will exceed fan expectations by recruiting the best people they can to collaborate with its ongoing development.

Kitase is happy with graphics style

He further said that personally, he feels happy about the quality of graphics in the game and added that it has met his levels of satisfaction. But he also noted that the expectations coming from fans are quite high.

The original title was acclaimed as one the best-selling games in the franchise with more than 11 million copies sold worldwide when it launched more two decades ago.

Production moved in-house

Square Enix confirmed that the production of “Final Fantasy 7” Remake has been moved back to the in-house development team which is now in charge of the large-scale PS4 exclusive project moving forward.

According to Kitase, the game developer wants a considerably larger number of people, both from the inside and outside of the company, to be involved in the development.

However, he emphasized that at the moment he wants to recruit core members.

Kitase said that the core members are composed of game planners, programmers, and graphic designers. The game planners will work on the set-up and progress of the game level, battle plans, and on design battle system while the graphic designers are classified into BG designer, motion designer, and VFX designer.

Release date not soon enough

Seasoned gamers of the series have been wanting to see a remake of the popular JRPG for a long time. Fans were utterly happy when the announcement trailer was shown back at PlayStation Experience in 2015.

It wowed the audience with its remarkable visuals and fully revamped gameplay that only added to the growing anticipation of fans to play a remade classic FF game on Sony's current-gen platform.

But a masterpiece usually takes time and similarly, Square Enix does require an ample amount of time before "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" sees the light of day. Rumors say it might come out later this year or by next year but the company's boss said that it is slated for release within the next three years or so, hinting that the wait could take until 2020.