Nintendo's "Arms" is getting a new character DLC later this month, and the studio has released a new video to shed more light on him. The new character DLC comes in the form of Max Brass, who previously was a non-playable character. In the new video, Max Brass is seen throwing punches from far away thanks to his spring-like arms.

Unlike other players, Max Brass' arms and fists become permanently charged up and even more powerful when his health hits 20% and below. According to Gamespot, Max Brass is a "heavy bruiser" who proves to be a "formidable fighter" that players can definitely look forward to playing when he arrives this month.

Max Brass announced during E3

Back in June, Nintendo first announced the arrival of Max Brass as a playable character in "Arms" during the E3 2017 Livestream. This isn't the first time "Arms" has received an update, as in the latter part of June we saw the arrival of the Arena Mode, which is a lot like the online play's Party Mode. the Arena Mode enables players to check out their friend's matches while in the same room. This room can house up to five players at a time, with one pair currently playing while the other pair watches them.

The recent update also featured the addition of the LAN Mode, which lets players maximize the features of the wireless local multiplayer, but on a stronger, more stable connection that can support up to eight players at a time.

Additional features of the June update include the Grand Prix story, as well as the Ribbon Gil stage hitbox problem, as per Gamespot.

Nintendo Switch game draws positive reviews from critics

Nintendo's "Arms" was first released to Switch on June 16, followed by an update just 10 days later. The game was warmly received by critics, landing second place next to "Horizon Zero Dawn" in the UK sales charts.

In "Arms," players can engage in various modes, including Versus, Grand Prix, and Battle modes. Grand Prix lets players fight against the computer to gain the championship belt through 10 matches. Battle mode offers a diverse gameplay, as it features basketball and volleyball modes, as well as a target breaking mode, and a survival mode.

For online play, "Arms" players can go up against up to 20 opponents in one-on-one ranked battles. Nintendo's "Arms" is produced by Kosuke Yabuki and directed by Kenta Sato, Masaaki Ishikawa, and Shintaro Jikumaru. Check out the teaser for Max Brass below and bookmark this page for the latest on Nintendo.