It looks like a Rocket Mortar card is coming toclash royale soon if the latest leak is any indication. Data miners who have access to test servers recently uncovered this piece of information that Supercell has yet to announce.

Rocket Mortar damage, cost

This newly leaked card costs seven elixirs, and it has a long range - enough to destroy a Princess tower on the other side of the bridge. But while it can cause substantial damage, it looks like it is rather weak, with a health level that is less than the regular Mortar.

Level one Rocket Mortar can do a 700 splash damage per rocket but its damage on towers is decreased by 40%.

It only has 250 health that will last about 20 seconds that makes it fragile, but it brings a major damage to attacking units and towers.

Fragile offensive building

Players can’t utilize the Rocket Mortar for offense, given its low health level. It needs to be positioned right on the field’s edge in order to damage a Princess Tower, so, it is also an easy target of ranged attacks of the opponents.

Contrary to an ordinary Mortar, the Rocket Mortar has a low health power (HP). Thus, a ranged unit does not need that much time to destroy it before it can do further damage. Another thing is that the seven elixir cost restricts players to put a defense unit next to a Rocket Mortar.

Addition might not pan out

The addition of the Rocket Mortar might not come to fruition, however. If Supercell will do so, it needs to make changes in the game's stats. The attack speed of a rocket launched per two seconds from a Rocket Mortar can take down a Princess tower too easily.

It is noted that past cards discovered on Supercell test servers such as hunter troop, bear trap, and others had not made it to the game.

But this new leak indicates that a new set of content is indeed underway. It is likely that a new update will be released once the team comes back from their vacation mandated by summer vacation law in Finland.

Double Elixir Draft Challenge

Meanwhile, players are on their last week of the summer of 2v2, which has been available for the whole month July.

The Double Elixir Draft Challenge has gone live as the fourth of the five 2v2 challenges that are scheduled in the game.

Supercell announced via the game's official Twitter account that players who get nine wins will receive a Legendary Chest.

"Clash Royale" is a freemium mobile strategy game available on both Android and iOS devices. The game was launched back in March 2016 and has received a number of accolades such as the AMD eSports Audience Award.