Rockstar Games rolled out today a new Adversary Mode dubbed as Power Mad in the popular game “Grand Theft Auto V Online.” Players can also enjoy the latest vehicle released to the action adventure title.

New Adversary Mode

Rockstar Games announced that from July 26 until July 31, a new Adversary Mode will be available in “Grand Theft Auto V Online.” Dubbed as the Power Mad, this new mode revolves around teams made up of two to four players. These teams will do everything to protect the Juggernaut while picking up the power-up.

This power-up will give the players control of the armored suit using a minigun.

The score goes to the team who can collect the power-up and keep juggernaut alive long enough to fill the meter. If the juggernaut dies, the power-up will drop and the teams will have to start fighting again. Along with this new mode, players who participate in the Power Mad will get double GTA$ and RP

New vehicle

Along with the release of the new Adversary Mode is the launch of a new vehicle. Players can now get their hands on the Pegassi Torero. The latest addition to the list of vehicles can be purchased via Legendary Motorsport below $1 million. This latest vehicle is a shiny classic with scissor doors. It depicts Pegasi's tradition of balls-to-the-wall design. Moreover, the vehicle has an impressive bone-breaking performance.


For the last week of July, Rockstar Games is offering massive discounts and boosts. To help players increase their Gunrunning weapon attachments, the Bunker research speeds are raised to 25 percent. This is also applicable to weaponized vehicle upgrades. The in-game Mobile Operations Center gets 25 percent boost that will enable players to unlock more Weapon and Vehicle Workshop.

Moreover, Rockstar is giving out 25 percent cut on all weapons and engine upgrades. This includes machine guns including the submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and handguns. Premium Race: Trench III and Time Trial: Cypress Flats also get 25 percent discount.

The Premium races in the game can be activated via the Quick Job App with the use of the player’s in-game phone or through the yellow corona located at the Legion Square.

On the other hand, players will net to set a waypoint to the marker on the game’s map and get in the purple corona to be able to complete the Time Trials.

The discounts and boosts in “Grand Theft Auto V Online” will be available until the last day of July 2017. The reputation and the double cash in the new Power Mad Mode will also end on that same day.