One cannot question that dogs are man's best friend, in real life and in gaming. Today we honor our four-legged friends and their artificial equivalents.

DD or D-Dog

"Metal Gear" protagonist Snake has been known as a lone operator, taking on missions by himself with only the aid of a support team assisting him over the phone. "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain" saw the coming of Diamond Dog, where "Venom Snake", found DD in one of his missions in 1984.

An orphaned pup, he is ridiculously cute for someone without a right eye. Trained by Ocelot, DD mastered combat and performed support roles for Venom Snake during his missions.

DD can detect enemies and prisoners, find medicinal plants, stun enemies and even extract targets when ordered to.

In the game you can develop a level of bond with DD as you would for your four legged buddy in real life. When engaged on missions you can order him to leave or return to your advantage, but most importantly, you can praise him for just being such a good boy.


A true best friend, Dogmeat will protect you, find items for you and carry your things. Dogmeat loves the Sole Survivor unconditionally, and thus is the only companion, aside from temporary characters you will meet during quests considered to be neutral in nature.

Referred to initially as just "Dog", later on, his true name is revealed as "Dogmeat".

Just like in real life, this canine is a loyal companion and is his own unique character. It is mentioned in the game that Dogmeat is his own man, but will follow the survivor of his own accord.

Duck Hunt

This four legged dude has become sort of an icon for the game "Duck Hunt". Making his first appearance in 1984 for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) platform, this duck hunting hound's humiliating laugh was the price to pay for missing point blank.


Rush is probably the best mechanical canine in gaming. Created by Dr. Light to assist "Mega Man" in his adventures, he proved to be the perfect companion for his travels.

He can transform into a jet, a hoverboard and a submarine. He debuted in "Mega Man 3" and was later on included in the succeeding games in the series. Rush had been such a valuable partner to Mega Man that he was later given the ability to fuse with him.


While Mira is not considered as a canon character in the "Silent Hill" series, she has made several appearances in the different alternate endings of the game. She is seen as a highly intelligent dog as she seemed to be behind the events of "Silent Hill 2" depicted to be operating a control panel in one of the game's alternate ending. She seems to have a taste in music as she is mostly seen wearing headphones. Just like a mischievous mutt, Mira is a true mastermind.

Dogs, just like in the games we play, have played an important role in our lives. They truly are man's best friend.