Bungie lately took the fans to a journey in one of the Crucible Maps in "Destiny 2" dubbed as Vostok. Since the online only first person shooter game is nearing its official release, it appears that the game developer is sharing more information about the highly anticipated second game installment.


Bungie, through IGN, recently shared one of the game's Crucible map, Vostok. The place is located on the Iron Temple, which is a part of the Rise of Iron DLC. In this map, players will have to fight another Guardian fireteam. Moreover, players will need to successfully come out of the numerous paths on the map.

Ideal options for different play style

In his latest interview, Environmental Artist, Jeff Horal was quoted saying that players can find a little base in every objective location in the game. Moreover, Horal underlined that the map has numerous flank routes and options that players can utilize to get pass the enemy's defense. In this map, players need to coordinate attacks to successfully accomplish the objectives.

Players who have varying playing styles are offered numerous options. For those who would like to play the game at a slower pace, secure positions in the fortress surrounding flag B can be the perfect spot. In the upper part of the fortress, there is a small room with a very advantageous vantage point.

Players in this position have the ideal view of almost half of the map. The place is perfect for sniping opponents.

For players who specialize in close quarter combats, there is also a perfect spot for them in Vostok. There is a curving cavern that leads to the center of every capture point. This is a shortcut and the fastest way to any point in the map.

This spot is heavy on traffic because of the convenience it provides to the players. Aside from close encounters, most likely a spam grenade could be hurled by the enemies in this spot at any given time.

Other details

Aside from the Vostok, Bungie also shared a couple more gameplay featuring two subclasses in "Destiny 2." These are the Sentinel Titan and the Dawnblade Warlock.

Among the two subclasses, the Sentinel Titan offers the best example of how to maximize the map and utilize varied gameplay.

The gameplay video is available below. The online only first person shooter game, “Destiny 2” will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game’s beta will start in the middle of July and will through the later part of August.