Nintendo Switch users can finally get their hands on the much-anticipated game, “Overcooked: Special Edition”, as it got released today in Eshop. There are also two other games that were released on Eshop today, making it one of the best days of some Nintendo Switch users. The two other games are “Qbics Paint” and “Super Sidekicks,” which are both affordable and very fun to play.

‘Overcooked: Special Edition’

“Overcooked: Special Edition” is a multiplayer cooking game, where players must work with each other to beat the opposing team. The game looks simple, though it requires a lot of strategy and techniques in order to win.

There are different roles in a team, such as the one that delivers the ingredients to the chef and the one that will focus on cooking the foods. However, there is no fixed role for a player, making it a very confusing game once everyone focused on doing the same role. Due to this, players must be alert while playing the game, as it will only take a few mistakes to burn the whole kitchen down. The game is also believed to surpass the sales of “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe”, which is one of the most popular games of Nintendo Switch today. “Overcooked: Special Edition” is now available in Nintendo Switch Eshop for $19.99.

‘Qbics Paint’

“Qbics Paint” is the second game that was released today in Eshop. “Qbics Paint” is a 3D painting game, where players can showcase their creativity.

Even though “Qbics Paint” doesn't offer much gameplay, the game can still hone everyone's creativeness. The game also offers sculpting mode, where players must slowly sculpt a 3D block until the main sculpture got fully revealed. There is also a maker mode in the game, where players can create their own sculpture. “Qbics Paint” is available at Eshop for $4.99.

‘Super Sidekicks’

“Super Sidekicks” is the last game that was released today. “Super Sidekicks” is part of the ACA NEOGEO series, as it is an old and classic game, which was first released back in 1992 on NEOGEO. Classic game collectors will definitely love “Super Sidekicks,” as it is one of the most successful soccer game in its generation.

“Super Sidekicks” is also considered one of the most successful games of the NEOGEO. The game supports two-player multiplayer mode, which will be a very nostalgic experience for those who have played it before. The game's difficulty can be changed, as it is known to be very difficult. “Super Sidekicks” can now be bought on Nintendo Switch Eshop for $7.99.