"Brawlhalla" is easy to play, especially for gamers familiar with the game "Super Smash Bros." The game will be coming to the PlayStation 4 console, which was originally released on the PC through Steam. Now, players will have wide variety of choices as they also unlock other characters in the game. The mechanics are easy. Players get to choose a character and each one has different sets of skills and abilities.

"Brawlhalla" is still an early access game on Steam. That means future updates are expected to come for this game as well as other games under the category.

Blue Mammoth Games recently announced this update.

The PlayStation 4's controller/gamepad will add more ease to maneuver characters in the game for players who prefer it. They also encourage players to sign up for the closed beta this Summer. Here is the game trailer below from PlayStation:

Numerous game modes on battles

Players from all around the world will battle in one arena. The arena varies from their choices or picked at random. Furthermore, the characters have different sets of abilities and skills, including weapons. In "Brawlhalla," players can play the following:

  • Online Ranked 1 versus 1 for players who prefer solo match-ups.
  • Online Ranked 2 versus 2 for competitive duo match-ups with a friend.
  • 4 Player Online Free for All for players who want 4-player battles and one will emerge as victorious.
  • 8 Player 4 versus 4
  • Local Free for All for friendly battles with 4-player match-ups
  • Local Custom Teams for practicing battles with enemy Bots
  • Local Single Player
  • Alternate Game Modes for players who prefer a different method of playing rather than pushing players out of the field

It is always recommended to make friends and team up with other players in online match-ups.

This makes it more fun to play as well as gaining huge scores, if on the winning side. Otherwise, losing is another reason to improve skills. Moreover, the 2D platform and simple graphics make this game unique and memorable.

The game is available on Steam for download, while PlayStation 4 owners should wait until "Brawlhalla" will be released this Summer.

For now, they should wait for further announcements, especially the specific release date of this game from the developers and creators themselves.

Field conditions, item drops, and randomness

The arena where players do their battles will have conditions such as wind, item drops, or some turbulence that will make battles more interesting. Here is "Brawlhalla" gameplay from Lucians_Sword to witness how addictive this game is: