The latest update on "Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite" reveals the secret characters and two infinity stones in the game. A new PS4 gameplay footage has also been released as the game draws closer to its official launching on Xbox One, PS4, and Windows PC in September.

New PS4 gameplay footage out

PlayStation has uploaded the new gameplay footage running on Sony's current-gen console on its official YouTube channel. It teases avid fans with a 30-minute peek at awesome character moves and combos between heroes and villains from Marvel and Capcom's universes.

In the video, the host invited players to join them play "Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite" on PS4 and they began with the sampling of the story mode. Part of the new footage revealed Captain Marvel and Chun-Li fight an overpowering Ultron drone army of the supreme villain, Ultron Sigma.

Versus Mode showcased

Later in the video, Capcom's own Peter Rosas schooled host, Ryan on how to play the game in a number of rounds in Versus Mode, featuring the tandem of Thor and Nova vs. Captain America and Spencer, to cite one.

Rosas said that Capcom has already announced 22 playable characters and the four infinity stones to be featured in the new game. The remaining two stones, as well as other fighters on the roster, are still kept under wraps but he mentioned that once all of these arrive in the game, it's going to be intense.

Secret stones and characters leaked

Interestingly, before Capcom could even announce the final two infinity stones, a most recent leak posted at NeoGAF revealed what these could be and what they can do in-game. The first one is called Soul Stone that has a Surge boost to steal the life of their enemies while the Mind Stone has a Storm boost that can give life to a knocked-down character.

Officially, the official four stones confirmed so far are known as the Reality, Space, Time and Power Stones and their respective powers were also revealed via a free demo of the game that is currently available online.

Rumors also swirl that the fighting game will have around 30-ish playable characters and a leaked data revealed the possible addition of Mike Haggar, Ghost Rider, Frank West, Dormammu, Venom, and Winter Solider.

While fans were first appalled that the list of leaked roster didn't include X-Men, it was tipped to arrive alongside the Fantastic Four as DLC characters.

However, it is still best to wait for the official announcement from the game developer and the said leaks must be taken with a grain of salt.

"Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite" is set to hit Xbox One, PS4, and Windows PC this coming September 19.