The highly anticipated patch v261 of “Ark: Survival Evolved” for PC is live! The action-adventure-survival game has been receiving a series of updates for the past weeks on all its platform. The latest update for PC players rolls in massive changes and fixes to the game.

Balances and fixes

In the latest Twitter post of Studio Wildcard Community Manager Jen, she announced that the update for the PC version of “Ark: Survival Evolved” is already available. The patch brings in a lot of balances and fixes to the game.

Among these is a fix for the fast depleting single player creature spawn that did not get out of hibernation properly.

It also fixed the player location that was not showing in the proper position on the in-game map. Moreover, it decreased the cost of apex items and removed the alpha items as it fixed the requirements for boss tribute.

Patch v261 also enhanced the game’s atmospheric fog while introducing a new creature in the Tek cave called Yutyrannus. Players can also find new icons in the game with the latest patch. These include the fresh Dragon Trophy and Sloped Thatch Roof icons. In addition, an egg laying buff called Oviraptor was given to Scorpion and Mantis. The patch also addressed the lighting issue of the Centre Volcano.

Other changes

The patch also reclassified Diplodocus as a large herbivore. In other words, Diplodocus can no longer be attacked by medium-sized carnivores.

With the latest patch, non-Queen Bees can no longer provide XP. The aggressiveness of the Dung Beetle was also removed and it only becomes aggressive now if it is being provoked. Apart from those, the size of Megapiranha has been reduced. It is now 20 percent smaller than its original size.

The Tek Replicator can now be exclusively fashioned at the Obelisks.

There are also other changes rolled out in the game’s cave creatures. Scorpion is no longer a part of the Swamp Cave but more creatures were added there. These include Leeches, Arthropleura, and Titanoboa. Moreover, there are now Polar Bears, and Sabertooth Salmon in the Ice cave. Creatures like piranhas, bats, and penguins can no longer be seen in the Ice cave.

There are other additions to “Ark: Survival Evolved” including Boss Wars, more creatures, fears, structures, and weapons. The developer assured that more patch notes will be released soon. We will keep you posted about the latest updates of your favorite game as soon as we get more information.