The new update of the Pokémon Go game has caused a great deal of commotion in all the players. In addition to the renewed gyms that presents the augmented reality video game, there are so-called raids, which are a kind of small events that will bring together several trainers to face a strong Pokémon.

Pokémon Go incursions

Pokémon Go Incursions are a new Game Mode where we can cooperate with other players to combat a very powerful Pokémon. After defeating him we will have the option to capture him. In order to access the raids, our character must be at level 25 or higher.

These missions appear in the new gyms around us. Depending on the type of egg that appears, the difficulty of the raid will vary. Below we present the list of Pokémon that participate in this new competitive game mode.

Classification of incursions

When you defeat a gym a Pink, yellow or blue egg will appear (this will happen in level 5 raids) being the last of where the most powerful pokémons, i.e., the legendary ones, will be born.

As we have already mentioned, this mode divides the difficulty into two. Pink and yellow eggs. Those of the first color are divided into level 1 and 2 of the raid and those of yellow color 3 and 4.

According to "Pokémon Center", creatures that may appear are:

- Articuno

- Zapdos

- Moltres

- Mewtwo

- Raikou


- Suicune

- Lugia

- Ho-oh

The last update of Pokémon

As the trainers will see, Mew is not on the list because he is considered a singular pokémon.

It should be noted that only trainers who are at level 31 or higher can access these raids.

Ultimately, all of these latest updates to the application have certainly served as a boon not only to the game itself but to the users that are continuing to play the application developed by Niantic.

When the Pokémon is defeated, the trainers will be able to participate in a bonus event where they’ll be given the possibility to capture the rare Pokémon.

That's why if you find a blue egg you can have the most wanted pokémons of the game.

The last update of Pokémon GO has been very innovative, the players look forward to the arrival of the legendary incursions. Let's hope the following updates bring content of the same quality.

In the meantime, we look at the future, and the fans anxiously await the arrival of Generation III of Pokemon GO This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available. Follow us on Blasting News