ARK: Survival Evolved” is considered one of the most popular survival games in today's gaming industry. It has an amazing gameplay, where players must survive in the wild together with the dinosaurs. There are a lot of features in the game, such as gathering resources and crafting different equipment. Players can also build their own base in the game. However, “ARK: Survival Evolved” is known for its raiding system, where players can work together to raid bases of other players. The game is known to get a little boring if a player manages to survive for a long time.

Due to this, fans are now looking for the best Mods for the game. Here are the Top 3 mods that will surely enhance the overall gameplay of “ARK: Survival Evolved.”

Zipline System Mod

The Zipline System mod is one of the most useful mods in the game, especially for players that are building a base, as it can shorten the time to gather resources from high places. It is known that some resources in “ARK: Survival Evolved” can only be obtained on the top of the mountains, which is very far if the player decided to build a base below it. With the Zipline System mod, players will only take a few seconds to go back and forth from gathering important resources. Building a zipline also doesn't cost that many resources.

However, players will need to reach level 20 in order to craft the zip-line.

Play as Dino mod

Players that are tired of playing as humans in “ARK: Survival Evolved” can finally play as the dinosaur with the Play As Dino mod. Players can choose over 40 different dinosaurs in the Play As Dino mod. Players can also breed and hatch eggs, giving everyone the opportunity to experience some behaviors of dinosaurs.

The Play As Dino mod is considered one of the best mods in the game, especially for those who only want to have some fun. There is also a multiplayer system in the mod, where players can fight each other while being a dinosaur.

Shopping mod

The Shopping mod is one of the most popular mods in the game. The mod adds an in-game currency, which players must use to buy different items in the shop.

All of the items have a fixed price. Server hosts also can't change the prices of the items, making it a very secure and convenient mod. The Shopping mod will also help players build their base much faster, as most of the materials can be bought in the shop. Advanced weaponry can also be bought. Due to this, players will not have to search a lot in the game in order to craft powerful weapons.