There has been a lot of "news reports" and subtle hints regarding the arrival of Doomfist to Blizzard's highly popular online shooter video game, "Overwatch." Now, the developer has published a brand new addition to the story, which might indicate that gauntlet-wielding global threat may soon be joining the game as a Playable Character.

Prison break

According to a new post on the "Overwatch" blog, a news report from the Times of Numbani has now revealed that the inmate Akande Ogundimu was freed from the Classified Helix Security International maximum security prison by operatives from the Talon organization.

The report further indicates that Reaper was directly involved and that their main purpose of attacking the facility was to free just one prisoner. Reaper also reportedly killed over a dozen men to get Ogundimu out.

The Successor

Shortly after his escape, Ogundimu was spotted in Numbani, where he was able to retrieve his gauntlet. The new bearer of the "Doomfist" moniker was confronted by a team of new OR15 defense bots at the Adawe International Terminal, which he easily disposed of as can be seen within the updated map. Ogundimu is the third holder of the "Doomfist" name. He was preceded by Akinjide Adeyemi, a.k.a. "The Scourge," and Adhabu Ngumi, a.k.a. "The Savior."

Good or bad

The fact that Talon was the one that freed Doomfist from prison may indicate his direct involvement with the villainous group.

While some fans think that Ogundimu may be a bad guy, being the new "Doomfist" doesn't necessarily mean that he is automatically evil. It has to be noted that he purposely did not leave any human casualties during his visit to Numbani and it still isn't really known why Talon chose to break him out.

Blizzard hasn't really officially announced that they will be adding Doomfist as a playable character, but the amount of content they have generated for the character seems to point to that being a possibility.

The developer may also be planning a big event sometime in the future that will center around the character, but that also has yet to be confirmed. Actor and comedian Terry Crews recently created a mock audition indicating his desire to voice Doomfist.

The video was uploaded by Yahoo's eSports YouTube channel. Fans immediately responded to the video and expressed their desire to have Crews voice the popular character. Unfortunately, Neither Crews nor Blizzard has made any announcements regarding a possible partnership.