The “femme fatale” has been a popular trope over the years with women who use their feminine wiles to their own advantage. These females often seduce individuals and flaunt their sexuality to their own gains and they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty when the time comes. These ladies are usually trained soldiers or spies who have killer looks with an assortment of skills to back them up. With that being said, let’s take at some at some of the most iconic femme fatales in video game history.

Ada Wong

This woman has been a staple character in the “Resident Evil” series who has always found a way to get through the most difficult situations during her missions.

Nobody knows Ada’s real identity, but she works as a spy for multiple organizations and has gone through many dangerous missions. She is trained with various firearms and is quicker and agiler compared to the other characters in the series. While Ada is mostly self-serving, she also has a kinder side with Leon as shown by their intimate relationship whenever they would meet during their respective missions. Ada is an expert in her craft of espionage and always seems to have a backup plan whenever things go south.


Talon’s deadly sniper, Widowmaker, appears in Blizzard’s first-person shooter, “Overwatch.” Before she turned into a blue killing machine, Widowmaker was actually a talented ballerina named Amelie Lacroix and wife to Overwatch agent, Gerard.

Talon couldn’t find a way to kill her husband so they abducted her instead. Overwatch eventually rescued and brought Amelie back to her husband, unbeknownst to the strike team that she had already been brainwashed. Amelie personally killed her husband shortly afterward and returned to the terrorist group where they trained her as a sleeper agent and slowed her heartbeat which made her skin blue.

Widowmaker is a gifted marksman and often stands by her quote “One shot, one kill.”


What could be a better femme fatale than a succubus who literally sleeps with men and dooms them with nightmares? Catherine appears in her titular game where she stumbles upon protagonist Vincent Brooks who’s suffering a rut in his relationship.

Compared to his current girlfriend, Catherine looks much younger and sensual in that she’s actually a demonic succubus who seduces men and kills them through nightmares. While many might call her evil, Catherine is actually trying to rid the world and human gene pool of cheating men.