Square Enix has rolled out the latest trailer for the “Kingdom Hearts 3” video game. The new trailer showcased the world of the computer-animated adventure film, "Toy Story.” Nonetheless, the recent interview with Square Enix's famed game designer, Tetsuya Nomura, made the excitement of “Kingdom Hearts” enthusiasts die down a bit.

Nomura recently sat down with Japanese gaming website Famitsu and discussed the game’s latest world. The game designer revealed that the “Kingdom Hearts III” will feature fewer worlds compared to its previous games. But, according to Destructoid, Nomura further explained that the video game’s worlds will be more massive and will come with denser gameplay.

Nomura added that the studio will unveil all the Disney worlds included ahead of the game’s release next year.

Meanwhile, Gematsu reported that the world of Toy Story transpires after the events of the second flick of the franchise. So far, Square Enix revealed only four Disney Worlds, and the video game company remains quiet about any additional ones.

Square Enix worlds might be added

The downloadable contents (DLC) are also lined up for the upcoming action role-playing game. However, considering Nomura made it known that there will be fewer Disney worlds, game enthusiasts anticipated that Square Enix worlds, such as “Final Fantasy,” might be added in the “Kingdom Hearts 3.” As KH2 is available with a dozen worlds, it is believed that the sequel might have 10 or 11.

Unlike previous games in the series, the release of the upcoming game may come with more additional characters. Also, the studio confirmed the return of the Gummi Ship, which will bring along novelties.

New screenshots of the video game

Following the game’s new trailer, which indicated the 2018 release window, the video game company rolled out new screenshots of “Kingdom Hearts 3.” The screenshots highlighted the game’s alluring graphics and presentation.

The game’s new screenshots focus on the Toy Story world as well as on its characters. WCCF Tech reported that the showcased characters also included three villains.

This batch of images gives KH enthusiasts another look at the other aspects of the game. One of the new worlds to explore in the new game is Andy's room. Also, the video game company has shared some additional screenshots of Hercules world. That being said, the “Kingdom Hearts 3” will hit both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2018.