Romance is one of the strongest emotions we feel as humans and it drives us to do things we never thought we’d ever do. In that sense, love also plays a major factor in Video Games as it can inspire both heroes and villains to find newfound motivation and conviction. There are plenty of couples in the gaming scene that have forged their relationship through thick and thin. With that being said, here are three of the best couples in video games.

Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart

These two heroes in “final fantasy VII” were childhood friends in Nibelheim and were pretty close at the time.

Tifa would always look out for Cloud despite him being something of a social outcast. The two kept their close connection until Cloud decided to become a soldier and eventually left their hometown. Fast forward to the events of the main game and Tifa and Cloud reunite in Midgar after many years. She joins Cloud on his journey to stop Sephiroth. Tifa eventually helps Cloud restore his memories and guides him through what exactly happened to their hometown all those years ago. After the events of the main game, Cloud and Tifa start a de facto family and even adopt a boy named Denzel.

Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher

Nathan and Elena first met when the latter was still working as a journalist and covering a story on Sir Francis Drake’s coffin.

Their relationship kicked off from there with her following him on his search for the El Dorado. The two developed romantic feelings for each other after the first game and even got married after the second title. However, it’s revealed in “Drake’s Deception” that they divorced shortly afterward, yet they managed to reconcile after the main events of the game and even remarry.

The two eventually had a child after the events of the fourth game and managed to live a happy life together. Elena makes the perfect partner, as she isn’t afraid to call him out on his mistakes and stand toe-to-toe with him.

Locke and Celes

Another “Final Fantasy” Couple, Locke and Celes, debuted in the sixth game of the series.

The former stumbles across Celes as she was trapped by the empire. Finding it in his heart to free her, Celes eventually joins the Returners in the fight against the empire. Throughout the game, the two are shown to have a very complex relationship with the ghost of Locke’s past constantly haunting him. After the world is destroyed, Locke tries to find a way to revive his dying lover and stumbles across the Phoenix magi cite. There, he finds the closure he needs, with his former lover telling him to love the person closest to his heart. Despite their flaws and shortcomings, Locke and Celes stil managed to find middle ground in their relationship that allowed it to blossom.