The saying “Dogs are a man’s best friend” is proven and true not only in real-life situations but even in Video Games. Our furry friends have starred in different titles throughout the years with their main purpose usually being to help or protect the protagonists. Whether they’re fearlessly charging into battle or providing some moral support, it’s no wonder why dogs are also popular pets in the virtual world. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the best dogs in video games.


Hewie first appeared in “Haunting Ground” and serves as the deuteragonist of the game.

He is a four-year-old white German Shepard who was originally trapped in Belli Castle until protagonist Giona Belli frees him. The two eventually form a deep bond with each other and work together to escape the dreaded castle and clutches of the evil Riccardo Belli.

In “Haunting Ground,” Hewie’s primary purpose is to act as Fiona’s bodyguard against her stalkers while she solves all the puzzles and finds new ways for them to escape. She can order him to attack her pursuers to the point where they’ll eventually collapse but return to hunting them down later. This fearless German Shepard plays a critical role in the game and even determines whether you’ll get the good or bad ending.


The main protagonist of the “Okami,” Amaterasu is a sun goddess to all of Nippon.

She is a white wolf with crimson markings across her face and body. Amaterasu's tail is shaped like a calligraphy brush which ties in with the Celestial Brush gameplay, and she also has a Divine instrument floating on her back. Gameplay-wise, Amaterasu has access to the Celestial Brush that she can use to create a variety of effects in the real world.

Some brush techniques include Sunrise which prolongs daytime and Rejuvenation which restores broken objects to their original shape.


One of the most iconic dogs in video game history, Dogmeat appears in all the “Fallout” games, although they are not the same animal. These canine companions will accompany you throughout your journey like any good dog would.

In the fourth game, Dogmeat is found at the Red Rocket truck and can be recruited from there. Dogmeat doesn’t have special perks, although he has his own set of skills which make him useful. The player can command him to look for items, enemies and even perform a cute trick. It’s also worth noting that Dogmeat’s affinity level is automatically maxed out when you first recruit him, meaning none of your actions have any negative responses towards your friendship with him.