As Ubisoft promised earlier in the week, the developers have released a whole new spate of information about "far cry 5" through a series of new trailers as well as a press release. During the teaser reveal on Wednesday, we got to see the general gist of what the newest addition to the series was going to be about, as church bells rang, people sang and bodies floated down the river. It was also revealed the story would center on some kind of religious sect in the fictional Montana region called "Hope County." On Friday morning, we got a bigger and better look at just what we can expect and even got a release date.

Ubisoft has slated its newest creation for February 27, 2018.

Welcome to Hope County

Ubisoft actually released four separate videos, with the first being the official reveal. As has been the case with most of the games in the series, it appears this one will have a heavy focus on the "Big Bad" who we so far know only as Joseph. During the two minute trailer, Joseph lays out how much he loves the people in Hope County and simply wants to make sure they are all ready to go to heaven when the time comes because they are all his children.

It doesn't take long to show the darker side of Joseph and his followers, who appear to have taken over the area in a kind of militant theocracy. We see people being held at gunpoint in their homes, as well as one unfortunate young woman who appears to be getting baptized rather forcibly in the stream we earlier saw bodies floating down.

Because this is a "Far Cry" game, there is a special bit of attention paid to animals and the reveal trailer is no different as a herd of cows are front and center in a number of shots.

Meet the Resistance

While we get bits of pieces of just who might be trying to take Hope County back from Joseph and his crew, there are three other videos which introduce the gaming public to the Resistance on a much greater level.

The first video has us meet Pastor Jerome Jeffries, who clearly feels as though his flock has fallen under the sway of a man who is truly evil. Then there's Nick Rye, a down-home Montana farmer who has a crop dusting plane he's managed to turn into a weapon of war.

The third member of the Resistance we meet in a new video is Mary May.

Like the other trailers, she starts out talking wistfully about the good old days. She seems to be just working her bar, until the endof the video when you see she's actually making herself a Molotov cocktail. With that, it appears there's about to be all out war in quaint little Hope County. "Far Cry 5" is due out for the PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 27, 2018.