The Spider-Man gameplay revealed during Sony’s E3 conference was one of the highlights of the event. However, before the release of the game in 2018, there are a few aspects that one should know. The gameplay as shown at the E3 gave a brief glimpse of combat which seems very similar to the Batman Arkham games of the past, and is a huge step up from previous Spider-Man games.

Spider-Man’s story will be brand new

The game will feature a brand new arch enemy for Spidey, named Mr. Negative. The trailer also revealed Miles Morales, which suggests that players would perhaps be able to play through two generations of the super hero.

This would spice things up nicely for ardent Spider-Man fans.

Players may be able to play as Peter Parker

The studio has suggested that Peter Parker would be a big part of the game. This could be taken as a confirmation that some parts of the game will feature gamers taking control of the nerdy Peter Parker, instead of Spider-Man. This would also add depth to the story telling.

Limited quick time events

Studio Insomniac, stated that the game would not feature too many quick time events, unlike the gameplay trailer shown off at E3. People would want to manually control the characters and not just depend on mashing a button at the correct time. Fans would have to wait and watch whether this is true or not.

Web slinging looks to be a fun activity

The trailer showed off Spidey’s ability to swing of buildings and even race through the New York skyline using his webs. The movement seemed fluid and immensely interesting. Given Insomniac also developed the wonderful acrobatic movements in Sunset Overdrive, it makes perfect sense that they would get Spider Man’s movements spot on.

Combat like Batman Arkham games

While the E3 presentation did show off combat, it seemed quite similar to the Arkham games. This is in no way a bad thing though, as the Batman games featured an exciting combat system. People would definitely look forward for more.

Spidey’s one liners

Spider-Man’s dialogues seem to reflect the quirky and humorous character that fans love.

Insomniac may have figured out exactly what the web slinging hero’s personality is like. It would be fun to experience New York through Spidey’s eyes.

New York City

The graphical capability of the PS4 was shown off by the developers by just how beautiful New York looked. It would be wonderful to explore the city upon the game’s release. Fans would also want to climb the tallest buildings to experience the marvel.