Releasing a major update is always a bit of a leap of faith. Thousands of lines of code have to be modified, rehashed, moved and even eliminated. As any programmer will tell you, something can easily go wrong. For "Overwatch," that something was one of the most famous characters in the game, Junkrat.

The quick and slimy criminal is definitely a frightening presence for any team. Junkrat's dexterity makes him a great crowd controller and his ultimate can potentially deal a lot of damage. Those playing this hero have the tools to cause even more panic among their foes.

Redditor SmashRoyaleYT was the first to expose this glitch through a post on r/Overwatch.

A minor glitch in Junkrat's voice lines

Is there anything scarier than a blow you can't predict? Every time a Junkrat casts their ultimate and you hear the wheels, quite literally, start turning, you are going to wonder if the weapon is coming for you. The recent patch aimed at fixing some of the problems with this charact but only partially managed to do so. One of its byproducts was a way for the infamous words to be spammed indefinitely.

Jump onto one of your concussion mines, rapidly press Q and the callout will be triggered. Junkrat will float in mid-air for a while but the skill won't actually go off.

Because of that, you are able to repeat the whole process to your heart's content. Every new mine is an opportunity to distract your opponents, preventing them from focusing on the actual game. As we all know, an unfocused enemy is much easier to dispose of.

Potentially devastating consequences

Teamwork and cooperation remain the two most important points of every competitive match.

If an enemy threatens to damage your formation, it's only natural for you to back off to a safer spot. Take a moment to think how you'd react to a Junkrat ultimate, confusion and a run for cover are the automatic response. As a result, this glitch potentially influences the outcome of your whole strategy and gives your opponents the key to victory.

The guys at Blizzard are probably already working to fix this game-breaking problem. If we're lucky, a silent hotfix will be pushed later this week without the devs making too much of a fuss about the whole issue. In the meantime, though, you should be extra-careful when facing a Junkrat. The post detailing this glitch got a huge amount of attention and I'm sure some will try to take advantage of it.

As usual, you should also remember that "Overwatch" is a game and that rules are there for a reason. If you find yourself playing against a particularly toxic opponent, don't forget to report them to the staff. Blizzard seems to take the happiness of its customers particularly seriously. The company said that more severe punishments will be used to curb cheating and other unruly practices. Let's hope those weren't simply the words of a marketer!