League of Legends” fans will be excited for the possible buffs that are coming their way. Rumor has it, these buffs will be for Rek’Sai, Ezreal and Rift Herald’s reward. Players are excited to see these new changes to the game and hopefully this new update will make the game more balanced.


It seems that Meddler, the lead gameplay designer, is considering increasing Rek’Sai’s Void Rush even more. This will make players want to land her new ultimate even more. According to reports, Rek’Sai’s ultimate move could get a 200 percent buff on Attack Damage on top of the already 100-400 base damage, as well as 20 to 40 percent of her opponent’s missing health in one killer move.

However, to call it an outright buff is a bit misleading as she will still need to use certain items to get most of it.

For example, Duskblade of Daktharr will most likely become a core item in her build. Another core weapon will be The Bloodthirster as it will grant her a temporary shield she can use to last longer in fights.

Rift Herald’s reward

Although being able to summon Rift Herald is pretty damn awesome, as it stands, players only receive a reward of 25 gold for killing it. In the next patch, the reward for kills will increase to 100 gold. While this is by no means large, it will certainly help out the junglers who needs gold to buy items and progress through levels much faster.

The increase from 25 to 100 gold will be, undoubtedly, a significant boost to junglers.

While this increase could have been even bigger, the junglers will welcome this change.


Ezreal, who has dropped in popularity lately, may have some of his abilities changed. According to developers, he hasn't had any changes in a while and he definitely needs a buff. Ezreal's ability Essence Flux, which is able to go through minions may be getting worked on.

At the moment, Essence Flux can do one of two things - the first, is ignore minions and only damage champions, and the second is buff the attack speed of allied champions.

In Meddler's developer notes, there is the part about Ezreal which says that Essence Flux will be considered for buffing in order to make it a better spell.

Meddler says it's finally time to look at this character's spell and rework it. They'd change the spell to have an "interesting skill expression" and would still feel thematically right for this champion.

It is important to note that in the past, Essence Flux was one of his most powerful spells as it both healed and reduced damage taken against enemies. Furthermore, the spell possessed a larger width which made it much easier to land. Hopefully, this new update will restore some of its previous glory, and restore Ezreal as a favorite ADC once again.