Fans of Naughty Dog's survival horror game, "The Last Of Us," have been waiting excitedly for its sequel. Apart from the excellent graphics and game concept, the story of Ellie and Joel have been an intriguing part of the match that made the players crave for more.

The cliffhanger ending of the game also added to the hype and excitement for "The Last Of Us 2." Aside from Naughty Dog being the main source of game teasers, the voice actors for Joel and Ellie are also being stalked by the fans to get more clues about the game. One of the latest leaks for "TLOU 2" hinted that a "Westworld" actress might be joining the cast of voice actors.

The said "Westworld" actress who is reportedly joining the voice cast of "The Last Of Us 2" is no other than Shannon Woodward. The actress, who plays the role of Elsie in "Westworld," announced on Twitter herself that she is more than excited to be part of "TLOU 2."

Woodward's post on Twitter was accompanied by a photo of her wearing a motion capture suit, which apparently indicates that she has already begun working for the PS4 Games exclusive.

Voice cast and crew busy with filming, more studio photos leaked

The status of "The Last Of Us 2" is not a secret and unlike other game developers who choose a strategy that makes the players thirst for game details, Naughty Dog is considered to be very generous when it comes to game updates.

In fact, neil druckmann, creative director of the game studio, shared a photo of voice actors Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson while on set.

The presence of Troy Baker marks a significant point in "TLOU 2" because previous speculations revealed that his character, Joel, might not be present in the sequel. Other theories involved Joel being scrapped out of the game and Ellie having to survive alone and meet new characters in the process.

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Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson's photo together while filming game scenes reportedly made the fans happy to see that the original characters are back for the sequel.

More horseback fighting sequences, expected to be more present in 'TLOU 2.'

The game's co-writer, Haley Gross, was also photographed riding a mount prop which is made to look like a horse.

That said, it might be a major clue of what fans can expect to happen in the game sequel.

As of writing, Shannon Woodward's character in "TLOU 2" remains to be revealed. However, the fans are happy to know that Joel and Ellie's tandem will be returning in the sequel.