"Street Fighter V” Extra mode was one of the most requested modes when the game was launched. A year ago, Capcom mentioned that it would be introduced to the game through an update. Staying true to their word, it appears now that it will soon roll out in the fighting video game. In our previous article, we reported about data mined information revealing that a massive update is going to roll out soon. Among the previous finds were cinematic story, online training, and arcade mode among others.

Latest data mine

Recently, x-Kira revealed the video of “Street Fighter V” where the extra battle controls are shown.

In addition, it also shows the resemblance of the mode to what players can find in training mode. Aside from those, NPC combatant Decapre, which is of the game’s story mode is also shown in the footage. Most likely, this upcoming mode will allow players to battle against specific NPCs. You can check out the video of the Extra mode below.

Upcoming update

Apart from the latest information revealed through data mine, there are speculations right now that the game will be receiving a massive update dubbed the “Super Street Fighter V.” The unverified information originated from Reddit user Rikurikumore. The Redditor shared numerous notes about the title’s second and third season content as well as information about the Super update.

As described, fans can expect that the upcoming update will be released as a free expansion. In addition, this will be free for all the players who own the game.

Among the features that fans will soon see in the game are a PvE mode against Illuminati, arcade mode, and Extra Battle Mode. Moreover, it will also add fresh Critical Arts and expand the mechanics of the game.

A UI overhaul is also expected to be included in the update.

Season 2 characters were also revealed including Abigail, Menat, and Zeku. On the other hand, Season 3 will have six characters such as Sagat, Sakura, Oro, C. Viper, Q, and Necro. The update according to the leaker will be announced at the end of 2017’s Capcom Cup.

Meanwhile, season 2.5 patch has been recently released. The patch launched Ed and numerous balance changes to almost all the cast. While it does not really create major game modifications, it adds quality of life and makes playing the game a whole lot better.

We will keep you posted about more updates of your favorite fighting video game, “Street Fighter V.” So don’t forget to visit Blasting News for your daily dose of gaming news, speculations, leaks, and data mines. Meanwhile, you may check the footage about the game’s upcoming Extra Battle mode.