Capcom has recently announced the next major update on "Street Fighter V" that will roll out on May 30. The update promise to bring new in-game features, a new arena, and a new character among others. Aside from those, it was reported that Fighter's Network and balance changes will also be included in the upcoming MidSeason Balance update. While fans are waiting for a few more hours before its official release, it appears that Capcom has something more in store for its patrons.

Latest leaks

Data miner X-Kira recently claimed to have found supplementary and unannounced features of the upcoming "Street Fighter V" update.

The data miner revealed that some features that were found will be released alongside the update. Interestingly, there are other datamined codes that are still locked and assumed to be activated at a later date. In other words, they will soon be released in the game but will not be included in the May 30 update.Among the future features in "Street Fighter V" that were uncovered in the latest data mine includes Extra Battle, Dojo Mode, and General Story Vol.2.

Extra Battle Mode is most likely the highly anticipated Arcade mode that players are longing to have in the game. In this mode, players will fight against distinct NPCs like the Dolls or Shadaloo Soldiers from "Shadows Fall." The general Story Volume 2 is perhaps another cinematic story in the game.

On the other hand, the Dojo Mode, according to several speculations, is possibly an online training feature.

Features included in the May 30 update

Players can expect the CFN update, Season 2 balance patch, and Ed to be in the game starting May 30. Aside from those, Temple Hideout stage or Bison Classic stage and Trials Vol 2.

will also be included in the upcoming patch. Another feature that fans should look forward to is the Flamenco "Taberna de las Flores or Flowers Inn" tavern stage, popularly known as the Vega Classic Stage. Moreover, additional Capcom Pro Tour 2017, and Demonstration Vol 2. will also roll out in the game along with the MidSeason patch.

The recent datamined claims are not yet confirmed by Capcom, so for now, these data leaks will be treated as mere speculations. However, if this is accurate, it seems that more game enhancements are on the way. Capcom might have finally realized or heard what the players really want to have in "Street Fighter V," thus releasing more interesting features and modes.