'Star Wars Battlefront II' will have a Loot Crate System. This was revealed in a gameplay video that appeared online and has been confirmed when the game’s Alpha went live last June 29. Here is what we know so far about the loot crate system of the game.

Loot crate system

'Star Wars Battlefront II' has random crates of Star Cards, which provide power-ups that could affect the gameplay. These power-ups can offer increased health and can give more power to weapons. In addition, it can grant other special abilities and can intensify damage to opponents.

Unlike 'Overwatch', duplicate Star Cards found in the game will be converted into crafting parts. These can be put to another card or to upgrade a card that is already in the player’s possession. The crates can be purchased through a currency that can be earned by just playing the game. However, for those who would like to buy unlimited loot crates, players can use real-world money to avail it.

Currently, it is not yet clear if purchasing these crates would really have a big impact in the way the game will be played. Most likely, EA will offer different rarities with the loot. Like in other games, those purchased have a greater chance of giving epic or rare kind of loot.

According to Eurogamer, a spokesperson from EA confirmed to them this information.

He was quoted saying that rewards in the game can be earned through regular play in various earnable ways including loot crates. The spokesperson, however, underlined that, for those who wish to speed up the rewards, they can purchase the crates that have randomized rewards and items.

Game Alpha

The game’s Alpha, which went live yesterday, contained free loot crate.

Those who were fortunate enough to get chosen to test the game receive their free crates by just logging in. According to some claims, the crates in the Alpha contain Star Cards, which is used to customize in-game hero. There are also crafting materials found in the boxes, which is used to upgrade the Star cards. Some others found credits, which can be used to purchase more loot crates.

EA has been offering this kind of system in its other games. 'Battlefield' has Battlepacks. However, Battlepacks only contain vehicle and cosmetic gun skins, and melee weapon designs.

It was previously reported that ‘'Star Wars Battlefront II' will offer a free season of DLC. In other words, players can have it without the need to purchase a season pass. Interestingly, contents like weapons, characters, and even maps will be released for free. Given this arrangement, it is understandable that the game developer needs to source money in other forms.