In this article you will read about "Pokemon: Sun," and "Pokemon: Moon." You will also read about the impending release of "Pokemon: Ultra Sun," and "Pokemon: Ultra Moon." We will discuss the hopes and aspirations of the many players of these games, as well as doubts pertaining to the previous versions.

'Pokemon: Sun' and 'Pokemon: Moon'

Last November the Pokemon community was bustling with excitement because of the release of these games. On the day of the release people were posting about the new game all over the internet. New forms, new Pokemon, and the new layout of the games.

Within weeks, if not days, praise and complaints alike began to pour in. Most of the complaints had to do with the changes to the game's layout, changed abilities, and Cut Scenes that were entirely too long.

The biggest topic of disappointment, however, appeared to be the change from Pokemon gym battles to island trials, and Kahuna Challenges. Accompanying this was the complaint of the absence of move tutors in the game. This made certain move sets that people wanted, simply impossible. The question loomed in many minds: "Where will Gamefreak go from here?" What they didn't know is how soon they would get their answer.

'Pokemon Ultra Sun,' 'Ultra Moon'

On the sixth of June a Pokemon direct was released (a direct is what designers of new games release to show upcoming events, or new games that are in the works).

Nothing seemed more exciting than the announcements of the impending release of the new installments of the previously released games.

The direct gave more possibilities than it did concrete facts -- hints here and there, nothing more. This left players to speculate, and speculate they did! Most were hoping for new Pokemon, new forms, new Z moves, and new layout changes, said two sources (Thomas D Roshi, and Luis Robles of New York).

As they usually do, the direct left a lot to the imagination. Near the end of the direct the possibility of a new cut scene for the Pokemon Mimikyu was announced. This could mean a new Z move, or maybe even a new form for Mimikyu.

Many remarked that in the direct many of the characters looked older, as if time had passed between the original games and the new ones.

Some hope that due to this, some of the inner-workings of the story have been changed as well.

On the lower end of the spectrum, many players are hoping for shorter/less lengthy cut scenes, or a way to skip them. With all of that being said, it is safe to assume that this will be an exciting, and highly sought after game. We will report more as we find out. Happy gaming.