In “Pokemon Sun and Moon,” hatching eggs is a very important process that every player needs to undergo. While it may sound easy, doing it can sometimes be a struggle. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to make the entire process a lot easier. It may not a surefire way, but at least they help make the work seamless.

Similar to “Pokemon GO” and/or other games of the same concept in the franchise, players are required to undergo a certain amount of steps to hatch a single egg in “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” It should be noted, however, that these steps differ in every pocket monster.

Hence it is important to know just how many is needed for a certain egg.

Make Use of That Taurus

Believe it or not, an easy way to earn a good amount of distance is to ride with Taurus. This Pokemon here can help players get from point A to point B. They can even press button B to enable the creature’s charge, which they can perform in a straight line. Interestingly, there are places perfect to perform this stunt. These are Route 6 and the Heahea City located at the Akala Island.

Pokemon Sun and Moon” players may also do it in circles, though they have to be careful with the thumb pad. They can also choose to do this outside the Nursery. Why? This allows them to be immediately ready whenever an egg is ready to be hatched.

Basically, the nurse that can be seen just outside can signal when it comes to such situation (she folds her hands). This will allow players to save a good amount of time, without having to spend it on wasted moves.

Utilize either the Magma Armor or the Flame Body

This one here is a trick that has been used by players in other titles in the series.

This simply involves a “Pokemon Sun and Moon” creature that has either the Flame Body or the Magma Armor ability. Either of the two keeps the egg ready and, well, a bit toasty; hence the hatching process is increased exponentially. As a matter of fact, tons of players can vouch for this trick here. Not only is it working, it is also a very effective strategy to use from time to time.

It is also worth noting that using this strategy can result to “Pokemon Sun and Moon” creatures under such category. So, in a sense, they better watch out for the likes of Magmar, Ponyta, Slugma, Volcarona, and Moltres, among others. To give this trick a huge boost, try using it alongside the Taurus technique. There is no doubt it will make the overall hatching process way faster than before. Players will definitely love the results if they do.