Niantic recently revealed that a massive update is about to arrive for “Pokemon GO” soon. This update basically contains the newly remodeled gym system, which the studio promises will offer better gameplay experience. It will also provide badges, while a new set of features are expected to arrive, too.

Interestingly, the “Pokemon GOupdate will add more perks. This basically refers to players having more chances to acquire items; a functionality that can be likened to PokeStops. However, if the studio wants to keep the latter as relevant as possible, they might want to add more lure modules.

Remember: the arrival of the new gym structure will most likely capture the attention of players the most.

Why more Lure Modules should be added

It is worth noting that the moment the gyms were closed, Niantic made it possible for PokeStops to work as temporary “Pokemon GO” gyms. Not really in a sense, but at least it can be there as a quick replacement. With this, it appears that PokeStops can only offer two benefits compared to the gym system. One is that they are still being utilized to keep track of any nearby pocket monsters; second, through the use of Lure Modules, these creatures can multiply in number greatly.

However, the moment the new gym system goes live in “Pokemon GO,” there is a possibility that PokeStops will become irrelevant.

This is because some players will now prefer using the new features added to the gym system. Keep in mind that its arrival will also mean the arrival of the Raid Battle feature. Now, this one here alone can provide in-game rewards and/or items once bosses are defeated. In this area, PokeStops became obsolete already.

To keep the relevance of PokeStops in the game

Lure Modules can be used by “Pokemon GO” players whenever they want to increase the spawn rates of certain monsters. As long as PokeStops keep on offering a great number of these modules, there is no doubt that its significance in the game will thrive. It holds true though, that Niantic has shared their plans for this particular system.

They basically hinted at adding customization options, though they did not explain further.

If Niantic decides to do it the other way around, PokeStops will most likely experience the same downfall that the gym system experienced. “Pokemon GO” players were complaining about the gameplay being boring, not to mention all the exploitations that happened. Obviously, players would not want to see this happening to PokeStops. If the studio wants to prevent such from happening, they should really consider adding a good number of Lure Modules.