The recent “Pokemon Direct” event has disappointed many fans. “Pokemon Stars” and even the Legendaries of “Pokemon Go” were not announced. However, dataminers have discovered something of value from the most recent datamine made from the files of the latest update of the augmented reality game.

Latest datamine

There are future content changes in “Pokemon Go” if the recent datamined information is to be believed. In a Silph Road subreddit thread, Redditor dronpes revealed that there would be two major updates that would involve content changes in the game’s update v.063.4 APK.

The user added that this upcoming update would contain files to fix the log-in issues in the Pokemon Trainer Club or PTC. Aside from that, the game developer also added extra anti-cheating codes.

Pokemon Trainer Club (PTC) update and Anti-cheat codes

From the mined data, dronpes revealed that the PTC updates would include rolling out new systems that would resolve several log-in errors. In addition, there is a part in this feature that would be in a way resemble the Unity game engine. This would be very helpful especially for players whose accounts are tied with the Pokemon Trainer Club.

Aside from the PTC update, a new code containing names of past versions of Android operating system were also discovered.

Most likely, these codes are security measures Niantic Labs would roll out in the game soon to counter cheating players. It can be recalled that the game developer has been very serious in dealing with cheating issues within the game. While cheating players can still use their cheating tools in the older version of their Android OS, when the update rolls out, it just might not work anymore.

The latest update is about the most recent Android versions including Marshmallow, Lollipop, and Kitkat. Niantic is anticipated to add more features that would affect the game’s security features.

Pokemon Direct

Nintendo hold an event today dubbed as “Pokemon Direct.” The event concluded without mentioning any update about the highly anticipated “Pokemon Stars.” Fans were speculating earlier that the company might at least announce the arrival of the Legendaries in “Pokemon Go.” However, Nintendo announced the “Pokemon Ultra Moon and Ultra Sun” on 3DS.

Aside from that, the 3DS will have a Virtual Console release for “Pokemon Gold and Silver,” which is not available on Nintendo Switch.

In addition, Nintendo announced a new game releasing on the hybrid console titled, “Pokken Tournnament.” Actually, the event was good with the latest announcement. It just turns out not the way fans wanted it. We will give you more updates about “Pokemon Go” when information becomes available.