Final Fantasy Vii” is arguably the most popular title in the Final Fantasy franchise released for the original PlayStation. So much so that it spawned a number of spin-offs, prequels and even a CGI movie titled “Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.” That is why fans of the game are clamoring for a remake ever since the release of the PS2.

After several years of waiting, their wish was finally granted at E3 201 when the remake of the game was announced. However, it’s already 2017 and the game is yet to be released. Fans have only been given sporadic updates about its development.

Fantasy VII” was released in 1997 and was a very different time for gaming. By today’s standards, some of the game’s aspects would not fit with the younger generation. This is the reason why we need to see changes in the final cut of the remake so it may also attract the younger generation.

Animation for the summons should be shortened

Back in the day, when players were using summons, they were in awe every time the animation is being played because of its 3D graphics, which is the first for the franchise. Players don’t mind the long running time of animations back then, which could take over two minutes.

However, new players might not appreciate these lengthy animations and would be extremely disappointed if they are not allowed to skip it.

The snowboarding mini game should be moved

Spoilers ahead! The death of Aerith is one of the most shocking and emotional moments in video game history. In the scene, Cloud Strife, the game’s protagonist, had to rest Aerith’s lifeless body in the water as it descends to the bottom.

Right after this terrible and traumatic experience, developers decided to make Cloud and the gang snowboard their way down the mountain to reach the Great Glacier.

The snowboard minigame is fun, but in contrast to the death of Aerith, it seems out of place and should be moved away from the death scene.

The hidden scene of Zack Fair

Speaking of death scenes, the death of Zack Fair in “Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core” was also a very emotional one. His death was fairly anticipated though out the game as players of “Fantasy VII” know that Zack doesn’t survive at the end of the game.

Zack is the protagonist of “Crisis Core” and sacrificed his life to save Cloud’s life.

However, not all players of “Fantasy VII” may have known about Zack’s ultimate sacrifice because the scene was hidden away somewhere in the basement of Shinra Mansion.

That is why this scene should be incorporated into the main story of the remake as it’s a very significant moment in the game.

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